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Tax Brackets

By Jim Thio

The way we evolve is as if we're not at war we're in a race.

That is why there are often a lot of hatred against success. Those who knew they cannot run the fastest often end up resorting to hit those who do.

Envy bigotry explains virtually all the major genocide all over the world.

Then we're in a war again to reassess our true bargaining position. Then we got peace, temporarily, which means that we're in a race again.

Often those who run the fastest also hit the hardest, in which case we have dictatorships, monarch, and corruption.

Perhaps there are more civilized ways to evolve. One solution for this is to properly align ones interests with some common national interests.

Capitalistic countries, for example, are relatively more peaceful. That's because the greatest among us are those providing the best services to the most customers.

However, even though the rich earn their money fair and squarely, we got this hit-the-fastest-runner syndrome again. Only 10% of the world population is libertarian. The rest are plagued with envy.

Perhaps some and success redistribution can soften things up.

For example, in some countries, those who are succesful financially are told to pay tax and their money redistributed. The benefit of being free loaders often provide enough intensives for the parasites not to hit those who are financially succesful.

In another countries, women are rationed in equal share to everyone's scheme through life long legally binding monogamous marriage. In other countries, porn is prohibited, so ugly women don't get envy toward supermodels happily earning a lot of money for showing some skin. Child supports demand money proportional to a man's income to limit the number of kids a rich smart male can make. Poor dumb males are encouraged to breed by promotion of marriage.

The problem with such wealth redistribution is the amount of market distortion it often causes. When honest consensual means of producing wealth, such as building giant porn empire is prohibited or taxed, the best and brightests among us, like Sadam, end up choosing other means to acquire wealth.

Capitalism do not create disparity of wealth. Capitalism simply changes the way wealth disparity is acquired. Taxing income will simply move money to those smart enough to be lawyers. Those lawyers would have spent their time making better movies or brighter light bulbs rather than protecting productive people from tax looting.

Perhaps there is a way to redistribute wealth in ways that minimize market distortion rather than exagerating it.

I propose that rather than taxing income or regulating sex, we tax wealth and kids.

Taxing of wealth can be thought of as protection fee. When our country gets attacked, those who lose the most are those with the most real estate assets. So it's simply natural that those with the most imobile assets pay all the protection fee. Protection fee can then be leveraged based on market mechanism.

Rather than demanding security tax based on governments expense for the army, governments can demand security tax based on security benefits it provide. An investor will then choose to which countries he will invest based on the relative security and growth the investments and the wealth tax in those countries.

That way, any governments that succesfully improve his investments climate, through security, with minimum costs, like Swiss, can get away with larger wealth tax. This will encourage governments to provide the best results at the minimum costs, just like any business.

Also, this will create less market distortion. Under the income tax regime, those who buy mansions pay less tax than those who build factory because factories produce more income. Those 2 buildings, if they have the same price, will take the same amoung of F-16 to protect. So they should be taxed the same way.

The rich will then build more factories increasing labors' productivity and salary.

The difference between governments' income and spending are called profit and can be shared to governments' stockholders, which is the citizen, in equal share for everyone.

However, governments do not only protect wealth. Governments also protect people. Of course happy people receive more benefit from protection than the poor. The hopeless don't mind getting nuked. Without nuke, they'll probably kill themselves anyway in suicide. The happy mind.

How do we measure happiness? Humans' basic instincts are designed for gene pool survival. So those who are happy are those making a lot of kids. So we tax kids.

Taxing kids have this nice effect. It motivates the poor to make less kids. So the rich make thousands of kids and pay. The poor postpone making kids till they're rich and get initial capital to prove their worth by serving the market.

Currently, the poor lives in poverty. Many of which will be better off if they get more money. Most poor people want more money, not opportunity to make more kids. However, governments often give more money to poor people that make more kids. So the only way the poor can get more governments' money is to make more kids.

This provide a market distortion because it provides incentives to make kids, an act that is not justified by productivity. However, the most productive thing unproductive people can do is stop making kids. We need to ensure that it's also their most profitable action.

How much the kids' tax should be? Simple. We let the market decides that. Citizenship is like a stock. Everyone starts off with one right to make kids. That's because after his death, he can always inherit his citizenship to his kids.

Now, the rich values the right to make one additional kid more than the poor. The rich are willing to pay more money, for each additional right to make 1 more kid. When 2 people value the same thing differently, they trade. If I am willing to pay $1 million to be able to make one more kid, and my poor neighbor is only willing to pay $500, then my poor neighbor and I will be both better off if he sell his right to make kids to me for $.5 million.

Under these circumstances, the total population in our country will be constant. However, this doesn't address the fact that just like often it's auspicious for the economy to produce more corn, it's often auspicious for the economy, in labors' shortage society to make more kids.

Hence, to make citizenships more liquid, governments can also sell rights to make kids. The price, I believe, will be the same with the market price of citizenships which should be listed in Wall Street.

About the Author: Jim Thio is a silver medalist in International Physics Olympiad. He's learning evolution theory to understand humans nature and make humans happier. He visions a better world where the productive make more kids and the parasites get more cash.