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CONTACT: Jay Shoemaker,

By Jay Shoemaker
Sept. 10, 2005


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla.—Today, Tinia (Ty-knee-ah) Ross joined the Florida Ghost Hunters, Investigation Team. “She brings a lot to the table.” says, Jay Shoemaker, Lead Investigator from the Florida Ghost Hunters.

Tinia Ross, who has appeared on “Larry King Live” has joined the Florida Ghost Hunters in an effort to assist in Paranormal Investigations on businesses, homes, and wherever paranormal activity is reported in Florida.

Tinia has been clairvoyant since a small child and uses her clairvoyance together with terot cards when performing her readings. “I’ve been reading most all of my adult life.” says Tinia, whose regular clients range from professionals in all fields to people in everyday life.

Originally from Michigan, Tinia graduated from the University of Michigan, with honors. She has read for John Edwards (of “Crossing Over” fame), and performed at numerous psychic fairs in the upper Midwest. As her Psychic reputation grew in Central Ohio, Tinia was tested by the University of Ohio, Department of Psychology, for her Clairvoyant abilities and scored extremely high, surprising testers, but not Tinia.

Recently Tinia moved from Columbus, Ohio to the beautiful Treasure Coast to be with her soul mate Gary, who she came to know while giving him a reading – which surprised the both of them.

Tinia is looking forward to living in Florida, providing her psychic abilities to the area and working with the Florida Ghost Hunters.

Tinia will assist in the paranormal investigative process, by using her gifts as a medium. Her feelings will be compared to any scientific evidence collected during an investigation conducted by the Florida Ghost Hunters Team.

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Jay Shoemaker CPI
Jay Shoemaker, CPI, Lead Paranormal Investigator, is a Certified Paranormal Investigator, speaker, author, and copywriter. With over 5 years experience in investating paranormal cases. Jay and his Team conduct investigations on homes, businesses and wherever significant paranormal activity is reported in Florida. Jay Shoemaker and his partner Jason Hayes also teach paranormal investigation principle. They offer a Certified Paranormal Investigation Workshop where others interested in paranormal investigation can attend. They can expect to receive equipment, forms, manuals, equipment training, participate in an actual investigation, network with others interested in the field and obtain their certification.