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Maine State Income Tax

There is a brand new website located at <a href=""></a> that gives you up to minute news and weather reports and a great feature that I especially enjoyed using was the restaurant and entertainment locator, as well as many other informative features that both locals and visitors are raving about.

This time of year Maine is busting with motor homes and tents from all around the United States. These people are looking for a peaceful escape from their normal jobs and responsibilities. In return they give the Mainers more income through tourism and camping fees, but they also receive increased gas prices due to the supply and demand principal; the area consumes almost double the amount of gas consumption in the two months of this increased travel. Restaurants, hotels and camp grounds are all comfortably near their capacity while still maintaining their charm

and keeping the sense of peace of this great state.

<a href="">Maine</a> is a great peaceful place to live in its wide forests and sparse population. Its weather is more on the cool side, but the summers can get rather warm. Many people appreciate this peaceful state including: L.L. Bean, clothing maker and retailer, James G. Blaine, politician, Hannibal Hamlin, politician (Abraham Lincoln's first Vice President), Stephen King, writer, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, writer, Edna St. Vincent Millay, writer, Edmund Muskie, politician, Judd Nelson, actor (member of the Brat Pack), Edward Arlington Robinson, writer, Joan Benoit Samuelson, athlete, Liv Tyler, actress, Samantha Smith, youngest ambassador, Joshua Chamberlain, governor, civil war General, Henry Knox, first US Secretary of War and Andrew Wyeth, artist.

Bangor is one of the most noted cities in Maine and contains the resident Stephen King, the prolific and internationally popular author best known for his horror-themed stories, novels, and movies. His wife, Tabitha Spruce-King, is also a well-known writer and lives with him. They donate a substantial amount of money to local libraries and hospitals and have funded a baseball stadium, Mansfield Stadium, and the Beth Pancoe Pool, both adjacent to Hayford Park, for the citizens, especially the children, of the city to use.

Check out this site before planning your next trip to <a href="">Maine</a> and the surrounding areas of <a href="">Bangor</a>.

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