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Income Tax Rebate

By Rick Chappo

With all of its sunny days, going solar makes sense if you live in Arizona. Even better, one utility company will give you rebates for installing solar panels on your home.

How To Get A Rebate for Going Solar In Arizona

In 2001, the Sun Share Program was created by Tucson Electric Power. The goal was to promote the use of solar panels and platforms as an alternative to simply sucking energy off the grid of the utility company. The initial program only offered rebates on small solar energy platforms, but was amended in 2004 to create incentives for larger systems.

Currently, Tucson Electric Power offers three rebate options on the Sun Share program. With two of the options, you can use any old panel system as long as it is approved by the utility, while a third option exists in which you purchase the solar platform from Tucson Electric Power. Letís take a close look.

With the first option, creatively called Option 1, Tucson Electric will provide a rebate of $2,000 per kW of verified alternating current output for photovoltaic systems. You must have an inverter flipping the energy from direct current to alternating current. Said inverters come with most systems.

With the second rebate option, Option 2, you can receive a $2,000 discount on a 1-kW alternating current output photovoltaic kit. Put another way, Tucson Electric will sell you the solar panel systems and give you a rebate on the cost. The kit includes panels, an inverter, and everything you need to convert sunlight into power.

With Option 3, those of you who have direct current solar panels can benefit. The rebate amount is $2,400 per kilowatt-hour of direct current produced and you must have your own system. If youíre going with direct current, the utility is pretty demanding so make sure you contact it to get the full story regarding the rebate.

To qualify for any of the above options, you have to meet some basic parameters. First, you have to be a customer of Tucson Electric. Second, the solar platform must meet the requirements of Tucson Electric. Three, you have to agree to let Tucson Electric inspect your system at least once a year. All and all, these stipulations are hardly a heavy burden.

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