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Federal Tax Bracket

Copyright 2006 Steven Longoria

For the average student who has graduated from college, itís a difficult feat trying to make the payments on all of the federal student loans. Certainly, they were necessary to secure a good education and to obtain the education necessary to secure placement in the job of your dreams.

Now that you have reached that goal, you wonder how you are going to pay off all of those loans as well as meet your other financial obligations.

In recent months, a number of financial institutions have begun to see that many students are having a difficult time with meeting all of their financial obligations with so much in student loan debt.

In order to assist new graduates with their student loans, programs have been developed to allow graduates or soon-to-be- graduates to consolidate their student loans at an attractive interest rate. Some of the rates being offered are as low as 1.75% and some up to approximately 5.5% depending on the lending institution, the term of the loan, and the amount of the loan.

The typical federal loan consolidation saves a student 51% in payments per month, or approximately $150 monthly. In some cases, the savings may be even more, depending on the size of the loan and the original payment schedule.

A Federal student loan consolidation can be financed for either ten or twenty years. Many of these programs do not require either a credit check or income verification. These loans are intended to allow the new graduate to work their way into the working world and into their designated career without having to worry about how they are going to make the payments on the numerous loans that were required in order to get their degree.

These students are typically those whose parents were unable to send them to college and who did not quality for a full scholarship. Therefore, they had no choice on how to finance their education, but now that they are graduating or have graduated, reality has presented itself, and they have thousands of dollars in student loans that they are required to pay back.

With the employment situation being such as it is many of these students will not be able to obtain a job making the money they had originally anticipated if they are even fortunate enough to find a job in their field of study.

Being able to lower the payments on those loans will relieve some of the stress and allow the new graduate to concentrate on top priority items such as obtaining employment if he hasnít already done so and being able to pay off the high interest credit cards with the money that will be saved by consolidating the student loans.

The new graduate who already has a family will be able to concentrate on spending time with the family instead of working harder and longer hours. Additionally, if he and his family have been living with relatives, the savings on these student loans may allow them the opportunity to move out on their own and being financially independent.

Consolidating federal student loans is a godsend for many of the students who would not have even been able to attend college without loans in the first place.


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