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Credit Card Gas Purchase Refunds

By Beth Derkowitz

With rising gas prices, it makes sense that more credit card companies are offering gas rebates and discounts for using their credit card. But are they worth their rewards? And how can you choose the one that fits your life?

Knowing yourself

When youíre first looking at a gas credit card, you probably feel that youíre spending too much on gas. But if youíre not spending a lot on gas because your car is fuel-efficient or you just donít drive all that muchóa gas card might not be the best choice for you. While most people need gas for one thing or another, if thatís the only bonus youíre receiving from the card, and you donít really need it, then you may want to look for other bonuses.

What do you have to do?

With a gas credit card, you generally have to spend so many dollars in order to build up an account of money that can then be used to purchase gas. But the items that you buy might be restricted, so youíll want to be sure that you arenít spending most of your money on things that wonít count toward the actual gas rebates.

How much are you getting?

Just like cash back cards, you want to see if the actual rebate is going to be worth the use of the card. If youíre only getting a few dollars for every hundred that you spend, it might not be the best value for you. This is especially true when you have a larger gas tank that needs to be filled more often.

Make sure that itís worth your while. You donít want to have a credit card that doesnít pay off as well as you had hoped.

Where can you use it?

What a lot of people donít realize is that some gas credit cards can only be used at certain gas stations. If the station is regional and you travel a lot, you might not be in town to redeem your rebate. Check with the card to see where your gas credits can be redeemed for your convenience.

With a gas credit card, you can help yourself with gas prices as you buy the things that you need. And to make sure that youíre getting the most fuel for your finances, be sure to ask your self the previous questions.

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